Printed publications have been around for several decades, successfully withstanding the test of time. They still continue adding value to businesses worldwide.
Olyslager makes it easy for you to create customized publications with our Publisher module.

Publisher Module

With just a few clicks you can create a professional-looking publication which displays not only the OEM’s and the model-types you want, but also
the recommended products across various applications. All it takes is a desktop printer and a few minutes… and the amount of options is limitless!

Printed publications

Olyslager also offers one-off printed publications if the Publisher Module does not suit your needs. 


A vital toolkit for sales & technical professionals who are on the move. A listing of model-types and the recommended oils for the category of your choice. Simply put: A great travel companion.

Wall Charts

Shop floors and workshops can be busy. It is always useful to have the information about the correct oil right on the wall. The data is consistent, reliable and relevant. As any business should be!

Customized Publications

Oil guides do not need to be square all the time! If you have creative ideas about your next publications project do  not hesitate to share them with us to see if we can build something fun and/or unusual together!