As many of you know we at Olyslager have a tremendous car documentation archive, collected in the past 61 years and now we are turning step by step our archive into a Classic Cars database which we enclose in our LIS program.

For the current LIS Q3 edition we again increased our Classic Cars database. In this section of LIS you will find lubricant information on most common classics and on some beautiful rare “artworks”. For the Q3 edition of LIS, the classic database is grown from the initial 350 different types to more than 800 different types.

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Sometimes a small find in an attic can rewrite history. Dutch journalist John Mulder has been a collector of the drawings by Piet Olyslager since he was a little boy. Olyslager (1915-1993) was a Dutch artist of whom we have shown you some of his work before. But now the story goes much further as only recently John found a manuscript of an auto-biography that Piet Olyslager wrote in 1975 but never published. In this manuscript Piet writes that shortly after the war he started to design both sports and luxury cars.

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Facebook, Youtube, iPhone, Apps, Android, Twitter, Linkedin, iPad, tablet.....

A few years ago, only a small percentage of the population was aware of what these words mean. For most of us these words had no impact on our lives.

These days we live in a changed world, a world where social media and apps play very active roles in the personal and business lives of our families, our clients and ourselves. Social media is no longer just for teenagers (500 million members and growing), Apps are no longer just a gadget (21 billion installed) and the global impact of both is surprisingly significant on all aspects of our lives. Read more